A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step-Confucius


Oasis School of Excellence ,Shamshabad campus first opened its door in 2006. Following the CBSE curriculum the school has grown leaps and bounds year to year. We now have strength of 850+ Students from grades Nursery to Class X.

It is a unique school which provides a student-centered curriculum with a pedagogy that emphasizes the facilitation of learning, enabling students to discover their passions, talents and sense of self.

Our pedagogy unites academic subjects with real life, making learning exciting and challenging , supported through our excellent range of facilities and resources including fully interactive classrooms. We aim to arouse our students' curiosity, and are dedicated to facilitating student learning so as to create life-long learners who are internationally orientated and independent so that they stand out among other learners.

We will work with parents in order to educate our students to be wise in their social lives, to form their own philosophies, to value themselves, and to strengthen their characters. We not only provide students with the linguistic, scientific, and mathematical skills to graduate into the world’s top colleges and universities but we also cultivate student's artistic, athletic, and social skills.

We enable students to learn about social ethics through clubs , teaching them to appreciate and respect life, to develop their capacity to judge between right and wrong, and to be responsible citizens. Thus, Oasis students are equipped with foresight and understanding as they enter an increasingly competitive global world.