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Picnics Field Trips

25 students were taken to Golconda fort to participate in the Swatch Paryatan programme where they participated in cleaning up the great Monument and were asked to campaign to protect the Monuments.

To participate in World Space Week celebrations (5th to 14th October 2017)Std VII to X Students were taken to NRSC on 5th October 2017.Students learned about the different space programmes taken up by India through rare PPT presentations & You tube videos. How the Spacecrafts are sent into Space, How they send the Weather reports , How the Communication networks are improving.Later on they have entered into the Exhibition where they have seen the original Google Map images,Space Craft models, Solar System models etc.It was really a great experience for the Student's and Teachers.

IX students went to Vardhaman Engineering college to witness the exhibits in the Science Exhibition organized by the 4th Year students.

October 12th being observed all over India as Outdoor Classroom day ,Students of std LKG to VIII were taken to different places for learning.

  • KG to II class were taken to Sudha Cars Museum .
  • III & IV went to Shilparamam where they Visited the Village Museum & Mountain Heights – Exhibits of Best out of Waste.
  • V & VI went to Tribal Museum where they learned about the Tribal Dance forms of different states along with the Tribal Cultural exhibits which depicted the Tribal life.
  • VII & VIII students got the opportunity to visit the Bio Diversity Park where they could learn about National Trees of 200 countries who participated in the Bio diversity Conference held in Hyderabad. They could collect different varities of Leaves to make a Herbarium for their learning . From there they moved to Hyderabad Central University to witness the Models in Anthropology Museum, Archeology Museum & the 4000 year Old Mesolithic site where they could witness the Burial site of an Army chief .They learnt about the belief of Life after death and how they used to bury the Belongings Food Items ,Arms & Armaments along with the body
  • In Anthropology Museum they witnessed the Real Skeleton, Skeletal System, Brain , Vertebrae etc which were collected by the students.
  • In Archeology Museum they could see the stone implements used in Old Stone age ,New Stone age, Neolithic and Mesolithic age.
  • From there they were taken to Sarojini Naidu school of Fine Arts .Students explained the techniques of Drawing & painting. They got a chance to witness the Paintings done by the students and the fine utensils made out of fine mud. Later they interacted with Head of the Department and could get more insights on painting.