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Co Curricular Activities

CCA's are offered to children as a way to make learning more fun. It gives them a break from usual school work to go and do something that they enjoy doing. It is an opportunity for children to socialise and communicate in English.

At Oasis there are a wide variety of CCA's on offer:

Art and craft: This gives the children an opportunity to be creative with art. Students will create paintings, models and many varieties of art works.


Children will learn new drawing techniques.

Book Club/ Reading:

This ECA allows children to improve their reading skills and doing this in a friendly, helpful environment.


This club allows children to learn how to play chess.

Foot Ball, Basket Ball ,Handball ,Softball, Hockey ,Throw ball, Volley Ball ,Floor Ball, Rugby, Cricket : These games give Students the opportunity to interact with each other and learn a competitive sport. Coaches teach the skills to play.


Teaching children the skills to play badminton.

Martial Arts:

Karate, Taekwando, Young Modo ,Boxing, Kung fu, reap many benefits in several areas of life.

Traditional Games :

Playing Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Skipping builds Life Skills pass on our heritage and Bridges the Generations.

Board Games:

Children are given the opportunity to be creative and invent their own board games. They will also learn how to play many different types of board games.


Music pieces are as complex and varied as life itself. Music inspires thought, reflection and emotion-- much like human relations do. Rhythm and tone simulate moods-- such as joy, sorrow or anger. Music relates to us the stories of human experience. It allows a human being to take dry, boring, and often difficult techniques and use them to create emotion.


It develop physical fitness, appreciation of the body, concern for sound health practices, and effective stress management approaches .

Dance is to express not to impress


This gives the children opportunities to act in front of others and increasing their self confidence.

News letter:

In the CCA children learn how to create a newsletter by using the computer and writing little articles about things that are happening in the school.


This CCA will allow children to put together pieces of work such as poems, art works and stories into a magazine.