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Herbal Garden

The blooming Herbal Garden is the pride of every green thumb in the school. As we enter the precincts of the school, to the right is the area allocated for the Herbal Garden. Over 65 varieties of medicinal herbs like Aloe Vera, Aswagandha, Baditha, Booruga, Chitramulam, Devakanchana, Gangaravi, Guggalu, Henna, Jatropha, Jalabrahmi, Kasturibenda, Kondavepa, Lemongrass, Machipatri, Neredu, PachaGanneru, Ranapala, hankupushpi, Tulasi, Uthareni, Vasa, Velaga, to name a few. It is an enlightening experience to be in such close proximity with natural herbs that help us surge with good health. Students get a bountiful awareness of Ayurveda while nurturing the Herbal Garden.


To inculcate a sense of familiarity from childhood with surrounding biodiversity and its conservation, especially herbal plants

To educate them in identifying different types of herbs and their uses including growing them in a garden To encourage students to use herbs in food.