School of Excellence



A very warm welcome to “Oasis” a truly remarkable CBSE curriculum school where students are firmly at the centre of everything we do! We believe that every child matters and learning should be fun, innovative, purposeful and challenging. We are extremely proud of our diverse and progressive learning community which benefits from an excellent curriculum delivered by our dedicated and passionate teachers.
Our School’s mission is to inspire students to achieve and guide them to be confident, articulate and skilled citizens. To enable them to thrive in a global community. The school is committed to exacting high standards, to expecting excellence from all and to developing outstanding learning with staff and students. We are an ambitious and forward-thinking institution where student’s success lies at the heart of everything we do. We relish the opportunity and responsibility for driving student’s success attainment and progress. Equally as important is your child’s personal development we are fully inclusive school which offers relentless support. Our care and personalized approach to every student makes Oasis a very special to be.
Oasis enjoys an enviable reputation for being a warm and welcoming school where genuinely every child matters. We are caring school community with positive relationships is our valuable key. We are recognized as a school with many areas of strength and with outstanding features. Each child has immense potential and unique blend of capabilities and skills. Keeping this in mind this academic year, we will be focusing on STEAM education and projects which is an acronym for science, technology, English, engineering, arts and maths. These projects will be collaboratively planned and executed by children thus helping them to develop the 21 st century skills and long side ‘Theme based learning’.
With great pleasure I extend a warm welcome to all our students and parents to the Oasis family. ‘Learning today – Leading tomorrow’ is our mantra and we passionately believe in it.
We look forward to seeing you all for our 2021 academic year.
Mrs. M. Uma Devi.