School of Excellence



Robotics club/ ATAL lab:

The robotics laboratory was set up and STEAM programmes are collaborated alongside. Workshops were held regularly to explore and motivate students to participate. Demonstration by our robotic students during the school assemblies and events has enabled a growing interest in this field.

Book Club/ Reading:

D.E.A.R- drop everything and read. This ECA allows children to improve their reading skills and doing this in a friendly, helpful environment.

Martial Arts Club:

Karate, Taekwondo, Young Modo, Boxing, Kung fu, reap many benefits in several areas of life.

Cultural Club:

School is always a place to learn and have fun. This club take responsibility of a cultural appreciation dedicated to spreading awareness, understanding, of a particular culture, its people, diversity, and values. They promote dynamic cultural heritage by arranging events and ensure to bring out hidden talents from the students and help them to know themselves in a better way and makes them aware of their interests, abilities, aptitudes and opportunities. Hosting exciting events with collaboration is the vision of this team.

Eco club:

The Earth is what we all have in common. The school is a prestigious member of the Environmental Education. The members of the club indulge in several eco-friendly activities like promoting the reduce and the usage of plastics, using eco-friendly products. Checking leakage of the water in the campus if any. The Eco club members are firm believers of “He that plants trees cares for the society.” Every year, Haritha haram and vanamahotsav programmes are celebrated with great enthusiasm at Oasis. Hundreds of saplings are planted and distributed as gifts to the members of the society as well to promote GO GREEN AND BREATHE SAFE.

Art and craft club:

This club believes in showing culture and transforming society through art. During the practice sessions pot painting using water colours is also taught as a part of our state culture. Students participated in external competitions and have won several prizes. Art integration in every subject is made compulsory.KG-X all classes have separate book for Art & Craft.

Telugu club:

At our school, cultural diversity thrives, and one shining example of this is the vibrant Telugu Club, where students come together to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of Telugu language and culture. Nestled within the bustling school community, the Telugu Club serves as a beacon of cultural pride and unity, fostering a deep appreciation for Telugu traditions among students of all backgrounds. From language workshops and poetry recitations to traditional dance performances and festive celebrations, the club provides a platform for students to immerse themselves in the beauty and essence of Telugu culture. Through cultural exchange programs, collaborative events with other cultural clubs, and participation in school-wide festivals, the club promotes intercultural dialogue and mutual respect, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious school environment. As students come together to celebrate their shared cultural identity, the Telugu Club serves as a shining example of unity in diversity and the power of culture to unite us all.

Hindi club:

At our school, cultural diversity flourishes, and one shining example of this celebration is the vibrant Hindi Club, where students unite to honor and preserve the rich heritage of Hindi language and culture. Nestled within our dynamic school community, the Hindi Club serves as a beacon of cultural pride and unity, fostering a deep appreciation for Hindi traditions among students of all backgrounds. One of the club's most notable contributions is its efforts to promote the Hindi language among students. Through interactive language classes, storytelling sessions, and language exchange programs, students are not only encouraged to learn and speak Hindi but also to embrace it as an integral part of their identity. These initiatives not only enhance linguistic skills but also foster a sense of cultural pride and belonging among Hindi-speaking students.

English club:

The English literary club aims at creating passion for communication skills amongst students. Various activities are conducted through prose, poetry and drama. Reading a book and give the review of the book is an activity made in all classes. They recite poems, poetry writing is encouraged. Debate and Elocution competitions, Word puzzle games, cross words. Guess the Idiom, Dumb charade on proverbs and titles of the books are conducted as well. Role play and theatre are performed by students. Audio -visual aids are used for understanding different accents and to make students be prepared for IELTS. Children learn how to create a Newsletter by using the computer and writing articles about things that are happening in the school. Children prepare together pieces of work such as poems, art works and stories into a magazine.

Maths club:

Mathematics is not about no’s, eqn’s, computations or algotherm, it is about understanding, develop critical thinking by practicing different methods and analysing formulas. To inculcate the competitive spirit in the students the club plans various activities on monthly basis. Maths club abides by a thought that child should not have fear of maths but be confident, have zeal and dedication for the subject. THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN MATHS IS TO DO MATHS. Mathematics Day

Science club:

The objective of science club is to nurture the scientific temper. It is believed that the science of today is the technology of tomorrow. This is a place where students present their innovative ideas and are inspired to transform themselves into young scientists with help of best technology for future generations. Several presentations on technological devices, specimens, slides, models, charts, chemical compositions, function and evolution of theory, scientists, innovations and discoveries, experiments and observations and liberty to perform their innovative activities in the laboratory are practised on regular intervals. Science -fair is the major event where student is given opportunity to showcase their exhibits Lab is used enthusiastically to promote experiential learning i.e., Learning by doing.

Social Studies club:

The objective of this club is to develop civic sense in students and make them feel responsible and worthy citizens. Apart from enhancing their academic standards it stirs the student’s curiosity and makes them reflect on many contemporary issues. It provides space for opportunities for learning and self-expression to questioning it also aims inculcating democratic values and hone the skills of free thinking, futuristic individuals. Activities such as conducting assembly elections, mock parliament, field trips, writing slogans for rally’s, making poster for social cause or create awareness, Celebration of national festivals, sensitize students on topics of global congress like gender equality, global warming, sustainable development from channels of history and freedom struggle. Students perform Mime, street plays to bring awareness on various social issues on social platforms as well. Many guests such as police officials, Military officers, Resource persons, social activists, politicians are invited to address the events conducted by the club accordingly.

IT/Computers club:

This club helps in developing technical skills in order to survive in this present technological world. Students are encouraged to learn various new software and submit their work. Advanced features in power point, excel, and professional quality presentations, Photoshop, power director and page maker, preparing school magazines, Annual reports and any other publication work are being taught.

Games and sports club:

Playing games has always been an exciting part of growing up for us all. We recollect with happiness our childhood games and gadget free days. Sports is a great way to make friends and be healthy as well. Conducting Inter house sports and games, inter house competitions and training students in the following sports and games such as Cricket, Volleyball, running race, Athletic events, long jump, shot put, chess, Badminton, carroms, karate, boxing, Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Handball, Softball, Hockey, Throwball, Floor Ball, Rugby, these games give Students an opportunity to interact with each other. Coaches help students in becoming skilful and confident.
Mass drill is carried forwarded at events by school cabinet. Every Day games periods are included and given equal priority with subject periods. Students get chance to participate in district level, State level, and National level competitions and won Gold, silver, and bronze medals. Tournaments are also organised to bring a positive approach in society towards sports and games. Children play traditional games as well as it is good for kids to know our traditional games.

Indian traditional games like – Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Langadi (one-leg hopping), Skipping, and many more don’t require expensive equipment to play, nor does it require any uniform or specific shoes and accessories all that is required is people to play with and space to play in are also encouraged alongside. Children are given the opportunity to be creative and invent their own board games too. They also learn how to play many different types of board games.

Agricultural club:

Agriculture is the root of our nation and we emphasise on it. Agricultural education is instruction about crop production, livestock management, soil and water conservation, and other aspects of fields. It also includes food education, such as nutrition. The measures which are followed to raise crops are practiced. Plantations, commercial farming, shifting cultivation, Rice and paddy farming, Grain farming, Dairy farming, Horticulture and etc. are shown to students for better understanding and few types of farming are carried forward at the campus.

Dance club:

One of the shortcuts to happiness is dancing. A specially designed dance course is followed for students as a part of co-curricular activity. Dance classes are held on weekly basis. They help children to experience the thrill of dance and the experience the joy of performing. Individual attention is given to every child to check progress from beginning to advance levels. Dance styles like Bharatnatyam , free style, State dance forms , Flash mobs ,Choreograph dance, western and folk dance and drama are taught to bring out the inner talents of our budding artists. Gymnastics is included as a part of dance club and many students are trained and performed at events.

Music club:

It is the mission of the Music club to provide every member with the opportunity to learn and develop a deeper understanding of music through performances, listening, activities, teach musical instruments. Music creates an intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language and soothens our minds Here they learn different ragas, shlokas of Bhagavat gita, voice coaching, sessions in musical notation, and play instruments and compose original scores and create a new one, songs for events and programmes, jugalbandi at occasions, and school choir group are practiced.

Gymnastics Club:

This is a sport that requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, endurance and control. The movements involved in gymnastics contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscle groups. Alertness, precision, daring, self-confidence and self-discipline are mental traits that can be developed through gymnastics. This club lays special emphasis on overall physical development of every student to stay strong and fit. They have initiated programmes like FIT INDIA BY PM MODI in school and hence they call FIT INDIA HEALTHY INDIA.

Yoga club:

Yoga plays a crucial role in developing focus and concentration. The act of practicing poses encourages children to clear their mind and focus on the effort. They stay balanced and it is easy to control behavioural changes in children’s mental state and health as well. It acquaints them with the option of healthy exercises for brain and the body. Yoga offers them relate to themselves and to their surroundings, inner & outer awareness. We strongly believe that it is good step to include it in curriculum and to follow it on weekly basis. International Yoga Day is the biggest event conducted to bring solace and peace in the campus.

Photography Club:

The club gives students an exposure to how to use latest cameras. Our students gain experience to a wide variety of practicing industry techniques in the field and mould them to be professionals on a regular basis at the events in the school. They believe in capturing happy and sad moments of school life is a treasure to heart and to look back.

Health and Hygiene Club :

Hygiene & Camp Cleanliness:

Highest standards of cleanliness are maintained. Toilets have proper arrangement of water and soap to maintain personal hygiene of highest order. The school employs sufficient numberof housekeeping staff to ensure that there is no speck of dirt anywhere in the school. Only filter water is supplied for drinking purposes through sufficient number of Water Dispensers. Medical Facilities: A fully equipped medical room with an on-call doctor facility.

The objectives of Health & Hygiene club is
  • To bring awareness about health and hygiene
  • To maintain norms of good health and take precautionary, preventive and curative measures
  • To develop a sense of civic responsibility among pupils.
  • To Focus on the effect of the right food and nutrition intake to generate positive energy and thus influence learning capacity.
  • To teach the students techniques of yoga and meditation from early age to inculcate healthy and positive ways of living

Parent community club:

Oasis actively promotes strong links with parents to ensure everyone is kept fully informed of academics, celebrations and concerns in order to maintain good relationships with all parents of the community. The members of this club provide opportunities for parents to become actively involved in the life of school. Our parents together with the school organise in – house and out- reach programmes for the school. Our parent council is active in support of the improvement of the school. A parent /teacher meeting is held every two months to access parents to a formal opportunity to discuss each individual learner’s academic attainment and progress with respective teachers. School staff are always available to parents and visitors.

Discipline club:

Detecting and examining some behavioural problems among students. Meeting with misbehaving students and clarifying the negative effects of bad behaviour on their life and counselling them. Promoting good conduct rules and regulations Being punctual and respectful to all. Meeting academic expectations too and obey to train by instruction and practice.