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School Events 2018-19:

Graduation Day:

Celebrating the Vibrant Festival – Bonalu (14-7-2017)
Varalaxmi Puja & Rakshabandhan celebrations: (3rd August 2017)
Philately & Numismatics Exhibition 12th & 13th August 2017
Warm Welcome to “Ganapathi Bappa” (24th August 2017)
Hindi Diwas (14th September 2017)
Annual Day Celebrations (19th September 2017)
Flowers Day Celebrations:(21st Oct 2017)
Children’s Day: (14th November 2017):

School Events 2019-20:

Sports Day

Bathukamma Celebrations
Literary week
Monsoon day
Fit India Week
Bhagavatgita shloka chanting
Outdoor trip

School Events 2020-21:

Investiture ceremony, Women’s day
Academic fair STEAM
Republic day celebrations
Plantation Day
Mathematics day