A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step-Confucius


  • Dear Students Warm Welcome to the Academic Session 2019-20.

    Dear Parents,

                      Greetings from Oasis!

    Special Request:

                  Send your ward to school by 8.20 am and follow the uniform schedule strictly. Supposed  to adhere to timings.

    School will function till 3.00pm upto 30th June 2019 .

               Send a Napkin and Spoon with student along with Lunch box. Check the quantity your Kid can eat and send the box as most of  the Kids are struggling to complete their Boxes and if we force them to eat they are vomiting..

    Lunch box to be sent along with the students.Only in emergency and unavoidable circumstances Parents can hand over the Lunch box  to  the Security by 12.00 Noon with proper Label on the box or Basket  

                     Permission to go home during school hours will be given only in Medical emergencies .No permission will be given to students to go home  for any other  reason during school hours .

             90% Attendance is mandatory for the Students to get promoted to next class. So send your Kid regularly to School.If any student require any leave a note must be sent in the diary by the Parent.

                 The Time table and portion for Unit Test I is given in School diary on page No : 25 .No retest will be conducted. Hall Tickets will be issued on 22nd June 2019.Please don’t send Request letters in this regard.                                                                                                             All the Class Coordinators have created a Whats app Group to keep you updated about School happenings.Only from School side you will get the messages. Its a one way Communication.If you want to convey any message you can send to the concerned Class Teacher /Coordinator. Within 24 hours you can expect the response/your query  will be answered. Kindly avoid calling Teachers after 6.00 pm .

    Thank You very much for the valuable support you have extended till now. We hope the same support will continue.. You can send your queries/suggestions if any   to oseschool2006@gmail.com.  

    Note : Clear all the Fee and transport  dues upto First term immediately  to avoid any inconvenience  to your Kid. Kindly ignore if already paid.